Welcome to Vitium, a graphic website where you can find layouts and other stuff made exclusively by me. You can also order me a layout and I will do my best to get it ready. Note: Please read the rules before you use any graphics.

New layout!
Irene; 13 Jun 2007

As you can see, I have changed the layout of this site. I really thank Cosio (whose gallery is really beautiful, you should visit it), who has given me the permission to use the image. In the past months I also added some layouts and stuff; when I'll have some time, I'll add new graphics. I really hope that you like the new layout.

First post
Irene; 18 Mar 2007

And here I am, posting for the first time on my new website. So, welcome to Vitium! I really don't know why I created it, because I already had another one (here is the link, if you want to visit it). I really hate Altervista (you will see an error under your comment: that's an Altervista's problem, and not a CuteNews' one), but I didn't want to buy a domain, so I must be satisfied. In a short time I will also start adding layouts and other stuff. Until that time, enjoy visiting the website :)
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